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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Check out this EASY way to order from Cater Nation!

Are you a busy pharmaceutical sales professional with no time to order online?  We've got a great solution for you!  (And it'll work well from your smart phone!)

We've created this handy, dandy form that lets you easily input all the pertinent details of your order.  Once you click Submit, your order details are submitted to our expert Cater Nation Customer Care team, who will work with your market owners to make sure your order is placed and then confirmed.

Questions?  We'll give you a call to make sure you get what you need.

When to send the form to us?
If you order is for the next day, we ask that you send it prior to 6 PM (at the latest.....earlier if it's a breakfast order!).  As you know, the earlier you send it to us the more likely your preferred restaurant or caterer will be available.

So give it a try the next time you can't get online to order!  Here's the online form to bookmark:


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