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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making Online Ordering Personal

These days, ordering online has become routine for many.  You can order shoes, books, electronics, furniture, cookware, linens, contacts, wine, pizza, subs and much more.  Some people love it and wouldn't think of conducting business another way.  (Hard to beat shopping in your PJ's!)

For others, shopping online may be limited to certain types of purchases.  Maybe they prefer trying their clothes on before buying, but have no problem ordering that television or computer.  Maybe they would rather consult with a sales person directly regarding a mobile phone purchase, but have no problem ordering their pizza online from Pizza Hut or their sub from Jimmy John's.

Then there are others out there who prefer not to buy anything online.  Maybe because it's not personal, because of privacy concerns or maybe they just like the feeling of making direct contact with the product and the retail staff.

At Cater Nation, we understand that some folks have concerns about ordering online, particularly for something as important as meals for a Board Meeting or for your boss's upcoming client meeting.  The food needs to arrive on time.  The order needs to be accurate.  And it has to taste good!

When we first got into this business 9 years ago, we thought that if we had this user-friendly order engine and added great restaurants and caterers to our site, people would just order.  Customer Care would guide the orders through, but it would primarily be a technology solution to help make our customers lives a little easier.

What we've learned is that this is a people business.  Many of our customers like connecting directly with us, either by phone, email or online chat.  And we like hearing from them.  We are always happy to make suggestions regarding restaurants, caterers or menu items.

So, if you've never ordered online for catering or if you have in the past and weren't happy with the service you received, Cater Nation is worth a try.  Feel free to go online and check us out at www.caternation.com, but don't forget we are always just a phone call away at 888-760-7627.  Our Customer Care line is staffed from 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM for your convenience.  We WILL add that personal touch to your online shopping experience and work hard to make certain that you are satisfied with each and every order!

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