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Monday, August 12, 2013

How much should you tip on a catering delivery?

Tipping on corporate catering is a little murky compared to the customary 15-20% expected for good service dining in at a restaurant.  Below you will find suggestions, but remember - how much you tip is entirely up to you!

DO Take Into Account the Delivery Fee when determining tip!
The tip that our Cater Nation partners suggest varies and we try to mirror what they would typically see on a direct basis.
  • If there is not a separate delivery price or a delivery fee is not included, we would suggest a minimum 10% tip.
  • If a restaurant only charges a nominal delivery fee of $10 or less, a tip of around 7 to 12% is likely appropriate.
  • If they charge a delivery fee of more than $20, and the distance traveled is not terribly far, then tips of 5% or less (and no more than 10%) are probably more appropriate.  (It is likely that some of that delivery fee is going to the driver.)
  • And then you have the case of a "restaurant delivery service" that uses independent contractors. These companies usually will charge a nominal delivery fee and suggest tips of 15% or more. These independent contractors are using their own vehicles and may not get a chunk of the nominal delivery fee.  Nor are they compensated on an hourly basis. If they provide good service in setting up your meal in a courteous fashion versus dropping it off at the receptionist desk, 15% will be greatly appreciated by these drivers.
Keep in mind: If a company vehicle is being used, it is likely the majority of any delivery fee is NOT going to the driver and is being used to cover the vehicle maintenance expenses by the restaurant or caterer.
Cater Nation Feature: Your company can set a standard tipping policy with Cater Nation, such as adding a 10% tip to all orders with the ability to edit that amount prior to checking out. Give us a call to get this setup for your company. 
Please note:  If you are not happy with the service you received on an order or if they exceeded your expectations, remember you can contact us to have the tip adjusted after the delivery, as we do not charge credit cards till later in the day.


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